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Normal Goat Values:

Rectal temperature = 102.5-104
Respiration =15 to 30 per minute
Puberty =3-12 months (sometimes 2 months)
Estrus Cycle = 18 to 23 days
Gestation = 145 to 155 days average.-


  Goat  122  2.58  23 0.79 3.2 
 Beef   245  16 23  6.8 2.9
  Pork   310 24 21 8.7 2.7 
 Lamb 235 16 22 7.3 1.4
Chicken 120 3.5  21  1.1 1.5

Milk Nutritional Information

Per Oz.  Goat Milk Cheese  Cow Milk Cream Cheese 
Calories  69.4 99.5
Protein (grams)  4  2.1
Fat (grams) 5.5 10
 Cholesterol (mg) 17.6  30.5

Goat milk ph is alkaline, while cow milk ph is acid

A medicine cabinet for goats:

1. Veterinary thermometer
2. 3 cc and 12 cc plastic disposable syringes
3. Needles-1 and 1/2 inch
4. Weak kid syringe
5. Turkey baster for drenching
6. Surgical scissors
7. Surgical gloves
8. Comfrey antiseptic salve
9. 50% Rosemary pwd and 50% Thyme pwd, OR 7% tincture of iodine for navel
10. Cayenne pepper, corn starch, cobb webs or  Blood stop powder
11.Ginger, Baking Soda and Activated Charcoal for upset rumen
12. 7m Kick Start OR Nutri-Drench, for fast energy, calcium salts and minerals
13. Yogurt OR saved cud from another animal OR Probios anti-stress formula
14. 7m Liquid Anti Biotic Tincture for infection or respiratory OR colloidal Silver
      other herbs for infection: garlic, mustard, thyme, rosemary, oregano, wormwood
15. Ketocheck to diagnose ketosis
16. Electrolyte powder for stress or homemade electrolytes
17. Cloves, garlic and 7m Milk Substitute, OR Amprolium for coccidia
18. 7m Milk Substitute for upset rumens, diarrhea, slow growth patterns,
      as well as being a great milk replacer for ANY animal type.
19. 7m Natural Wormer, or herbs for worming
      wormwood, black walnut hulls, garlic, cloves, southernwood, pine needles, tobacco, DE
20 Vet wrap for wrapping broken legs, sprains, or holding bandages on

Feeding Guide

 Birth to 3 days  Colostrum All the kid wants
3 days to 3  weeks  Whole milk (cow or goat) Water, salt  2 to 3 pints/
All the kid wants
3 weeks to 4   months  Whole milk 
Creep feed (1)

Alfalfa hay (2)
Water, salt 

2 to 3 pints, up to 8 weeks
All the kid will eat, up to 1 pound per day 
All the kid will eat
All the kid wants 
4 months to  freshening  Grain mixture (3b) 

 Alfalfa hay or  pasture
(2) Water, salt 

Up to 1 pound of high protein feed
 All the doe will eat 
All the doe wants 
Dry pregnant Grain mixture (3b)

Grass hay or  pasture (2)

Up to 1 pound mix for a dry animal 
All the doe will eat
Milking doe  Grain mixture (3a)

Alfalfa hay (2)
Water, salt

Minimum of 1 pound up to 2 quarts of milk per day. Add 1 pound grain mixture for each additional 2 quarts of milk. 
All the doe will eat
All the doe wants
            (1) Creep feed may be a commercially 
              mixed milk supplement or calf starter. 

           (2)Alfalfa hay of extremely high quality, 
              fine stemmed, leafy, and green. 

           (3) Suggested grain mixtures 

 (a) For a lactating doe

                        55 pounds barley or oats 
                        15 pounds beet pulp 
                        20 pounds wheat, mixed  feed, or mill run 
                       10 pounds linseed, cottonseed, or soybean oil  meal 

(b) For a growing or a dry doe 

                          15 pounds beet pulp 
                          50 pounds barley or oats 
                          15 pounds wheat, mixed feed, or mill run 
                           20 pounds linseed,  cottonseed, or soybean oil  meal 

If you choose to dehorn your kids, you should dehorn a kid by 10 days of age.
Burn the horn buds for 10 seconds. There should be a copper ring around the bud, if the dehorning is a good one. If there is a white ring, you have burned to deep, into the actual skull.
If you choose to castrate, you should Castrate before 4 months of age. BUT NOT before 2 months of age. This is to allow the urinary track to fully develop. If you castrate before this time, you run a higher risk of urinary calculi when the buck is an adult.

Sub Q  is injecting  a medicine under the skin.
IM or Intro Muscular is injecting in the muscle
Make sure you always have Epheniprin on hand for shock, IF you give shots

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