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Gestation period: 63 days, just like the domestic dog.

Birth weight - I can only say that Mariah's first born pup  was over 12" long head to butt only,
not including the tail.

Respirations - I do not know

Normal temp 101 to 101.5

 Pulse - The normal pulse rate for your dog is between 60-120 beats per minute. This is important to know in evaluating your dog in case of an injury. To take his pulse, locate the femoral artery, which feels like a round tube in the center area at the base of the thigh, place your fingers, lightly, along the inside of the thigh. To arrive at the beats per minute, count the pulse beats for 15 seconds and multiply that number by 4.

Laws regarding owning a wolf

Wolves and wolf dogs are a very controversial issue.  Many states have banned even 1% wolf dogs.  Many states require permits to be owned by wolves.  In Orange County, California it is illegal for a veterinarian to administer a rabies shot to any animal that is part or all wolf.  The vet can lose his license doing so.  Shamayah's vet was so smitten by the fact she was so friendly for being a canis lupus, but told me to go to a "clinic"for her first rabies shot.  The rabies shots have not been tested on the wolf or wolf dogs, therefore, it is believed they do not work.   Dogs evolved from wolves and it works for the dogs, but not the wolves?

Gestation Period and Breeding Information

Female wolves don't come into heat until they're about 22 months of age and then they only come into heat once/year.  Mariah and Nikko both come into heat once/year within "one" day of the time they came into heat the previous year.  This I find is really cool! =o)

Males have balls the size of peas throughout the non-breeding time of year. In November/December they grow to the normal size for breeding to the females.

Wolf  pups  (they're NOT cubs, as many call them) are ONLY born in the spring - April, May, June. Litters are small, usually, 4-6 pups.

There is 1500 lbs. per sq. in. in the jaw bite of a wolf versus 750 in a rottweiller.

Wolves and/or wolf dogs that have been raised with humans from birth will "usually" allow the primary human caretaker(s) to be present at whelping, but some animals will get aggressive and not allow human intervention, so if problems arise,
it could be extremely difficult to assist the animal without darting it and drugs.
They prefer to dig large dens.  Some can be 12-16 feet deep and thus rain is a consideration in that pups could drowned.

The females will not allow the male near her in her den from the time she goes into labor throughout the birthing process.  She will growl and he will stay away.

Let me say, I do not breed wolves or wolf dogs.  It is incredibly hard to find excellent homes to  place them in.  I have one 50% wolf dog that can run my property unfenced and he stays home, loves the cats, llamas, and can be around ducks, chickens, geese, with little supervision.  He keeps a good 20-30' distance between himself and any strangers that come to my property. But the wolves and/or higher contents will kill everything that moves and many people are looking for wolves as "status" symbols or for guardian dog purposes or to raise with their little children and animals.  Even when obtained at 3 weeks of age, as I did Mariah, you still cannot "USUALLY"  (rare instances occur, but definitely not normal) socialize them to cats, birds, goats, sheep, etc. and expect them to be "friends".  Wolves have a high prey drive.   They are quick, very intelligent, and detest whining children (this is thought of as an injured creature and thus their instincts are to put it out of it's misery).  Thus, they are not adaptable to most people's situations.  There are so many being sold to people who know nothing about them and then when there are "accidents" or deaths, the animals are euthanized, as the rabies vaccine is not believed to work on these animals.  Dogs have the 3 strikes rule before euthanization, but wolves or wolf dogs do not.  My wolves howl, but do not bark.  They do not necessarily make "guard dogs", since they don't bark, but if you watch them, they will tell you "someone" or something is coming, long before he/she/it gets there.  My homes have been robbed in the city, car stolen, people lie, steal, I can understand their apprehension of people. If I could fence my entire property for the wolves, when a stranger would come, they would never even know they are here, as they would hide and watch.  Granted, my wolf-dog does bark, but these animals will not protect anyone or anything, except themselves, their offspring, and possibly their mates.  As close as I am to my animals, they would never save me from a human or something they themselves would flee from.

I turely LOVE my wolves,,,BUT,,, A friend of mine has exotic monkey's,
now they are true horrors!

This was written by a gal in our email group, and donated to this site
Thank You so very much Julie  :-)

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