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Basic Health Informaion on Sheep

Lambs and Lambing Problems

Lambs need to be thawed from the inside too. That's the purpose of getting warm colostrum into them. But sometimes they are too far beyond the point of no return, unfortunately. You put them in the warm water until all their extremities feel like they should, because often their legs, tail, ears etc are "frozen". You can place  a new born in a tub of water, to heat them up, but if you decide to try this, try putting them in a large plastic garbage sack first, and hold it closed around the neck, (dont strangle them).  This way, you dont have a dirty tub to clean, or a wet baby to try to dry off afterwards either...Another VERY good way to heat up any hyperthermia animal or person, is to build a tent, over the dryer vent, or the heater vent, and put the animal in the tent.  Watch carefully that it doesnt get to warm for them. If you are worried, you can always take their head out of the tent, and leave the body in. You should also administer warm fluids, every 20 min. Only about a tablespoon at a time is needed. Be careful NOT to make the fluid to hot, or you can send them into shock or convulsions. You need to raise the body temperature slowly, and NEVER administer fluids over the normal body temp...

Sheep will quite often leave the first lamb when the second is born.  I always tried to keep my ewes pretty much confined when the weather was bad and they were lambing.  Some people even shear their ewes before lambing so they will be cold and find a warm place to lamb.  They are so toasty in those wool coats that they don't realize that those poor little wets lambs are freezing.



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