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We have included some minerals and supplies for creating your own animal feed supplements.
Beneath the feeds stuff, is the organic gardening information,,, along with links to further information.

Read more about rock dust, greensand etc in  Re-mineralizating your soil at:
 There are so many more links on remineralizing the earth that I have
 put them at the bottom of all the other links.

Here are some more great links
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Have a plant you can't identify click link below

Wondering how to control those nasties naturally? Natural Insect Control

Planet Natural

Seeds of change

Welcome to GardenTown

Backyard Composting npc_thmbnail.jpg - 11.5 K Organic Gardening Site

United Plant Savers   (Threatened herbs)\

The Garden Gate: Into the garden and beyond...

Richters, Herb Specialist Richters Herb Seeds & Plants

Nichols Garden Nursery

Mt Healthy Hatcheries
. is the URL for Mt Healthy Hatchery that
has a nice but limited selection of birds.  They are in Mt
Healthy Ohio and have a nice online catalog.

.Murray McMurray Hatchery is the URL for Murray McMurray,
they have a extensive selection of birds, including a wide
selection of rather rare and fancy birds.  It is a nice
reference as well as a catalog because they have pictures of
most birds. I have ordered birds from Murray McMurray but it has been years
ago now and was very satisfied.  they will bend over backwards
to insure that you get good healthy birds.

Click here for some of the most awesome earth friendly
                         T-shirts, sweaters, denim shirts, henleys, and pullovers.


Are you allergic to soaps?
 This line was developed by a Mom whose baby was allergic to soap

 If you have questions and need a  personal answer  please E-mail   us and we will
get back to you as soon as possible or you can call us at 435-623-4288
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Soil Remineralisation Internet Links (Updated -Tuesday 18th May 1999)


Earth Regeneration Society

Earth Repair Charter &


Dust Grinding Equipment


Some up to date experiments

Effect of Azomite on the growth of tomatoes


Remineralisation Task Force Aggregates

The Aggregates industry and SR

The status of by-product fines in the US


Mail Board a few refs

Alternative Soil Testing - Laboratories Agronomy Resource List - Loads of
Great Reources


Useful Publications

McKenzie Rock Flour

Greensand and other rock dusts

The Invisible Gardener


Paramagnetic Minerals


* Earth Core Aubreys Barn,Barnsley, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7
5EJ -(04325 265 119)04325 265 119

* Good Gardeners Ass Pinetum Products, Churcham, Glos, GL2 8AD,01452 750
402 (554)

* Redland Quarries David Langley, Technical Manager, Bradgate House, Groby,
Leics LE6 OFA

* Cumulus Organics Two Mile Lane, Highham, Glos, GL2 8DW, 0452-305814

Other useful Contacts UK

* Biological Crop Protection Ltd (Wye, Ashford, Kent, UK) 0233 813240

* John Reeves, Eastleigh, Greenfield Close, Joys Green, Lydbrook, Glos GL1
9QU 01594 861196


* Remineralise the Earth 152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021 USA
(413) 586-4429

* The Men of the Trees M.B. Oldfield & Sons, 3 Over Avenue, Lesmurdie
Western Australia 6076 +61 (08) 9291 6619 United States Department of

* Rodale Institute USA

* Ronald Korcak, Ph.D. Plant sciences Institute, USDA,, (301) 504-6591

* Acres USA Box 9547, Kansas City, Missouri 64133-9547 USA

* Hamaker-Weaver Publishers Don Weaver, Box 1961, Burlingame CA 94010 USA

Join Remineralise The Earth for more contacts in:

USA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and
Europe + Health and Mineral Supplements, Mineral Analysis and The Network
of interested people.

Philip Madeley


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