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Herbal remedies for horses. Includes information on herbs and their uses


The LDC staff are trained to counsel and educate their customers and provide them with the right products for their pet or show animal.   

Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use. Preventative management resources including bio-intensive pest

As veterinarians and owners with over 50 years of combined practice experience,
we are devoted to binging information and professional quality products

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Goat Supplies and experience, we offer sensible, quality equipment and the outstanding service you deserve.
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On-line source of competitively priced sheep supplies and sheep services including
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Selling vacines, dewormers, supplements, antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, and a wide range of daily care products for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals
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Welcome to Hoegger Supply! We have been providing quality products for goat and small farm owners since 1935.
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Professional pet products and pet supplies for grooming, pet retailers, veterinarians, animal hospitals, boarding and kenneling and animal control.


Basic Cat Health

Normal Temperature: 101*

Breeding age: Cats CAN come into heat as early as 6 months old. But normally, around a year of age.
 They will also come back into heat, normally, around 1 month after weaning their last batch of kittens

Weaning age: 6 - 8 weeks

Barn Cats on the Farm

About the barn cats, we have 4 on our property right now.  They have free
run of the place.  They have yet to bother any of our poultry - young or
old, and our poultry free range.  As to the other bird life, we have plenty
of it so the cats must not bother them.  I guess they are used to them and
it is just part of life here on the farm.  Even though they are well fed
(there is always a bowl full of food up here at the house for them), they
still catch many o mice and other rodents.  Females are reported to be the
best mousers, but we have both male and female.  Sex has not seemed to be a differentiating fact for us.


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